Spectrum day 29- breakfast

It's going to be another one of those long days, so I made a hearty, protein-filled breakfast that will sustain me for several hours. Egg whites between two slices of 7 grain whole wheat toast, raspberry fruit spread and ICBNB spray.

Beverage: mocha cafe con leche made with espresso, skim milk, hershey's unsweetened cocoa and xylitol.

Weigh in 274 I am back at my lowest weight so far. I am looking to reach my goal of 40 total pounds by the end of this week. I working on incorporating some exercise as I get more time in my schedule. This semester has been a doozy, but it's winding down, which means my schedule is winding down for a while. I am taking summer classes, but instead of 17 credit hours, I will only be taking 8 credits. That, hopefully, will make a huge difference. Looking forward to a long day of work, school, homework and healthy eating...off I go!


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