Spectrum day 33- breakfast

For the long day ahead, I am planning a no-frills menu. It probably wouldn't hurt to have a few days of no frills to get me jumpstarted for the week. This morning, I made baked cheese grits for the teachers at the school. For myself, however, I pulled out some grits, pre-butter, pre-salt and pre-cheese, sprayed some ICBINB and made that my breakfast.

Beverage: Starbucks mocha via made with one cup skim milk.

Weigh in: 276 This weekend has been full of great eating, eating out and one epically, caloric smoothie. This week, I am going back to the basics to get another wave of momentum. Last weekend's big accomplishment was 38 lbs total (18 since spectrum day one). This week I have been just teetering on and around 274 but can't seem to make it over the hump. Well, it is time for full-on war against the scale this week. With the addition of MNM this week, and some no-frills, basic eating, I plan to push past the barrier.

It's funny how my perspective about this whole weightloss and healthy eating thing has changed. First of all, 33 days is a long time to be doing anything. I have relished these past days and I am surprised how quickly they have gone. Second, normally, after about two or three days of being stagnate (with regards to weightloss) i would have thrown up my hands and said, "Screw this! Pass the brownies...." Even with my best efforts, I the scale has been fluctuating all around between 264-276. Where before, my thoughts and frustrations would cause me to throw in the towel, this challenge drives me to do better, to eat more healthy, to incorporate more movement, and to make better choices, thus providing me with a new perspective about weight loss, healthy eating and life.


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