Spectrum day 29- dinner

Simply Asia's Spicy Kung Pao noodle bowl is a great and full of natural ingredients. For a pre-packaged meal, it's a good option in a pinch or you want a warm, tasty lunch that won't go bad without refrigeration. The downside to these bowls is that you really have to pay attention to the sodium content. Some of them have 400-600 which is on the low end. I looked at a few of them and picked a few flavors, but I accidentally picked up one that has 1340mg of sodium. Even though I got it on accident, I am eating it on purpose. I have kept my sodium levels down, and am drinking plenty of water so I am not overly concerned. I bought a few of these dinners since I have a few more days/nights that I will need to carry my lunch around for over 12 hours, so I will use these sparingly until they are gone. Did I mention that they are really tasty, though? It is probably the best pre-packaged meal that I have ever had! Along with this dinner, I had a ripe banana and a c
Chobani blueberry greek yogurt. It made for a very satisfying lunch that actually may turn out to be dinner too!
Beverage: Starbucks mocha via made with (shelf-life) organic 1% milk.


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