Spectrum day 43- breakfast

I had to get up early to go to work, but I decided to even get up earlier than normal so I could make myself a good breakfast. I cut up some leftover grilled/stuffed Poblano pepper leftover from the other night's dinner and sautéed it until tender. I added egg whited and a little cheese blend. I also sautéed two little red chili peppers from my garden to top my omelet. Served with two small slices of Seeduction bread with ICBINB and guava jelly. This was a great, filling breakfast.

Beverage: cafe con leche made with 1 cup skim milk, xylitol, and espresso.

Weigh in: 272 I am so excited about the vegetable garden. It is really beginning to take shape. So far, I have planted cabbage, three different types of tomatoes, crookneck squash, zucchini, green & red bell peppers, Hungarian and jalepeño peppers, Strawberries and blueberries. Once I construct the second box, I can move some plants around and add some new ones. It is very exciting to watch them grow and produce their fruits or vegetables. A bird was also happy to see that the blueberries where nice and ripe. He was so happy he was dive bombing the plant, grabbing a berry, and taking off! No more of that. I put a lattice over it which should deter that type of thievery. I am looking forward to watching, tending and then cooking the vegetables and fruits that I grow! How exciting!


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