Spectrum day 32- dinner

As usual, Sunday night brings a house-full of guests. For tonight's dinner, I provided hamburgers and everyone else brought hotdogs and the fixings (By the way, I want to mention that it is so weird preparing food for people and not tasting it to see how it has come out). For those of us who chose not to eat meat, I made veggie burgers. I also made a few of the Veggie Patch Hotdogs. They looked just like hotdogs and were sufficient replacements. I also had macaroni salad, homemade potato salad and a little coleslaw for my dog.

Beverage: Black and Red Rooisbos iced tea with honey.

What's inside:

The veggie burgers came out the best that I have made so far! They were well constructed and didn't fall apart on the grill. I was pleased with both the look and the structure. Here's what went into the mix:

Caramelized onions
Sundried tomatoes
Bok choy
Baby Spinach leaves
Dried apricots
Pomegranate seeds
Garlic powder
Liquid smoke
Beef bouillon powder- no s/f/c
Rolled oats
Whole wheat bread crumbs
Red wine
Egg whites

A long list makes for a tasty, hearty burger. I need to put this recipe on my recipe page with near-to-exact measurements for those of you who want to try these. The problem is, when I cook, I look in the fridge and say to myself, "Self? What do I have in this fridge to throw in these veggie burgers?" I love to cook and create new things, so it comes easy for me. The part that doesnt is trying to document the process. I will do my best to get this one on the recipe page for sure.


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