Spectrum day 44- breakfast

Breakfast at work always calls for some type of grain to be made in the microwave. So on the day of the Royal Wedding, I decided to have oatmeal with 1% milk- no sugar or added sweeteners.

Beverage: 2 cups mocha via made with skim.

Weigh in: 273 Yesterday, I walked a lot at Busch Gardens and pushed a baby stroller. This was some decent MNM for the day. Some exciting stuff happened yesterday! When I walked in the door at work, one of my coworkers whom I haven't seen for a while said, "Wow! You are losing weight!" Awesome. Another coworker said that she noticed that my face looks thinner and different. Great!! It's always great to hear these comments coming from people who haven't seen me for while and don't know that I am changing my eating habits. Every day, I see a difference in the way my clothes fit, the way I feel physically and an increased energy level. I am accomplishing so much with my school, work, garden and projects. It's wonderful!


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