Spectrum day 40- exam snack

I got myself one serving of Hershey's drops to have while I was taking the exam because I have be in a real chocolate mood lately. As it turns out, the exam was online. The directions said there were 50 questions with 70 minutes to take the exam. I opened it up and started working. I was about halfway through the questions and the time, when I scrolled down to see that there were actually 94 questions total! What?!?! I put caution to the wind and begin to read and pick the ones that sounded the best as quickly as I could. I finished with two minutes to spare! I got 60 of the 94 correct. Not a good percentage. I checked my email afterwards and saw that there was an email from the teacher saying that there was some kind of error with the software that caused all the questions from the question bank to show up. Bottom line: everyone got 100% because of the snafu. Great news after a stressful test taking hour!!


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