Spectrum day 34- breakfast

Today is going to be another busy day for school and work. Because of this long day ahead, I decided to have a protein-rich breakfast. Egg whites, Seeduction toast with ICBINB spay and guava jelly all made into a sweet breakfast sandwich. This is one of my favorite combinations.

Beverage: mocha via made with one cup skim milk

Weigh in: 274 - Okay, today I plan to get some MNMs on and work in the garden later this afternoon. I will take some pictures of my before and after garden shots so you can appreciate the amount of movement that will be involved. Basically, I am going to be creating a decorative berm in the front yard. This consists of moving earth, rock, wood and stones. Planting and transplanting plants from different parts of the yard. I don't have a lot of time to work with between the school time and work later tonight, but I am going to make my time count. A little movement here, a little movement there, an hour here and an hour there, will certainly add up. The other thing I do which I love, is to work on the garden sans music. I love to use that time to think, ponder, muse and pray. It is a wonderful time of reflection and contemplation that causes me to be more mindful and relaxed. Beautifying the earth and my mind all at the same time. This dual purpose increases my physical movement and my mental, spiritual and emotional health all at the same time. Working with the earth and dealing with issues of the heart all at the same time. What a great combination.


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