Spectrum day 37- breakfast

This morning I made a lovely omelet. Tomatoes, onions, asparagus, mushrooms, and fresh baby spinach leaves sautéed until tender. Shredded mozzarella sprinkled on and throughout. I cooked it over the flame until it was almost set, then place it under the broiler until it fluffed up and the cheese became slightly toasted. Avocados with OVOO, red wine vinegar, and freshly ground pepper and a flaky, baked Spanakopita from Tarpon Springs.

Beverage: cafe con leche made with espresso, 1 cup skim milk and xylitol.

Weigh in: 271 Another pound lost! That makes 41 pounds total and 21 since Spectrum Day 1. I have found that if I have a nice, substantial breakfast, a healthy lunch, a small something before 6 pm, and get some movement in during the day, I see improvement on the scale. I have always heard that one shouldn't eat past 6pm, but it seems so hard to integrate that schedule of eating into a busy schedule. I am purposefully trying to adhere to this schedule and am finding that it is true for me, as I am seeing improvement on the scale. Another thing I am trying to do is to "be present" when partaking of any meal or snack. I appreciate how the food looks before I eat it, and how it tastes during the meal. This makes meal more of an experience rather than quick, mindless, gobbling down of food. I try to not do anything else while eating other than eat. This causes me to not only enjoy the meal, but find it more satisfying in the end.

I have plans of getting some serious MNM in today, as I do some manual labor around the house. I will update you along the way.


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