Spectrum day 36- dinner

Dinner at work means something quick and easy. I brought a new, instant oatmeal that I found at Whole Foods that is really good. I made it with 1 cup of 1% skim milk. I got the variety pack for 365 Organic brand's flavored oatmeal. It's nice because it not only tastes good, but all the ingredients are natural, organic and kosher. The best part is that they are the same price as some of those other flavored oatmeal brands that have some weird ingredients.

Beverage: 1 cup 1% milk

Here's what's inside: organic whole grain oats, organic evaporated cane juice, organic cinnamon, dehydrated apple, sea salt.

I don't purposely look for organic because sometimes it's more expensive and the term can be loosely interpreted. If something organic is the same price as the alternative, what does it hurt to buy the one that is supposed to be better for you? The important thing that I look for is what the ingredient list is. What's inside? That's the deal. If I can't pronounce the ingredients, chances are they are far from being natural and probably created in a laboratory somewhere. Either way, it's all about choices, and I like this one.


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