Spectrum day 35- lunch

Whenever I make veggie burgers, I always try to make enough for leftovers. Once they have cooled from the grill, I wrap them individually I wax paper, place them all in a dated ziplock bag and Ross them in the freezer. This helps with days like today, where I have to make quick, healthy choices for meals on the go. I tossed a veggie burger in the microwave for a minute, two slices of Seeduction bread, sprayed with I can't believe it's not butter spray and sprinkled with powdered garlic in the toaster oven. Once the minute was up, I transferred it onto a small piece of tin foil, put on a piece of baby Swiss cheese and put in the toaster oven with the bread for the duration of the toast cycle. This melted the cheese perfectly! I composed my sandwich, a little Stubb's barbecue sauce for a topping and grabbed some grape tomatoes as my side dish. A healthy lunch in just four minutes! The same amount of time (or less) than some processed, sodium laden microwaveable, prepackaged nightmare of a lunch.

Beverage: homemade black and Rooisbos tea sweetened with just a touch of honey.


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