Spectrum day 36- breakfast

I am off from school this morning! I have finally finished my school based hours and am wrapping up this semester. So, I slept until I woke up- no alarm! What a great feeling! I made myself an spinach & egg white omelet. I sprinkled some sharp cheddar inside and on top- probably around a 1/4 cup's worth. I toasted a slice of Seeduction bread and topped with ICBINB & blueberry fruit spread. I used about a tsp. of Hoy Fong Chili Garlic Sriracha sauce to accent the flavor of my omelet. It was a beautiful celebration of flavors.

Beverage: mocha via made with 1 cup skim milk.

Weigh in: 272!!!!!!! I have finally reached my fist mini-goal. 40 lbs total weight loss, 20 since spectrum day 1. This is truly an exciting day! I am thrilled to finally reach this place. Pushing past that 274 was really a challenge, but I chose not to be frustrated. No longer am I going to allow myself to give up because of scale fluctuations. These fluctuations are the natural ebb and flow of the weight loss process. My body is learning to adjust to my new way of eating. I have to patient to give it the time it needs to be sure that this weight loss and all these healthy changes become natural to my body's functioning. Pushing past set-points, plateaus, and barriers are all character building and emotional strengthening opportunities. Rather than settling for failure and stagnation, I am enjoying the process. I am actively involved in my pursuit of good health. I am mindfully appreciating each step of this journey, and documenting it here as a reminder to me from whence I have come. There is no turning back. I am adding gradual changes with regard to many areas of my life. I choose not to set myself up fir failure by overwhelming myself, expecting to change everything at once. Day by day, moment by moment, choice by choice, healthy living is mine.


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