Spectrum day 32- breakfast

Egg whites and sharp cheddar cheese between two pieces or 7-grain toast with ICBINB spray and guava jelly. A half navel orange rounds out this breakfast with some fruit. I love guava jelly. Unfortunately, this guava jelly is regular, sugar-filled one I had just bought prior to Spectrum Day 1. I decided that I am going to use it up, sparingly until it's gone. After it's gone, I will find a way to either make my own or find one that is sweetened without sugar.
Beverage: mocha cafe con leche
Weigh in: 275 I was extremely thankful that I didn't see any dramatic weight gain after that smoothie king calorie laden shake. One pound of fluctuation? I can handle that.
Today is a new day with a strong vision and focus on moving. Since breakfast, I have already spent 20 minutes moving bricks and rocks from one part of the yard to the other in preparation of my new raised vegetable garden that I am building. Bending, lifting and moving constitutes quality MNM. My plan is to move all the rocks and bricks over the course of the day in-between homework assignments.


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