Spectrum day 34- Dinner

I decided I would finally have the oatmeal made with skim milk that I was planning for yesterday's dinner. I didn't add any sweeteners, but i sprinkled in some pumpkin pie spice.
Beverage: my homemade black and Rooisbos iced tea sweetened with just a touch of honey.
I didn't have lunch because I wasn't hungry after doing all of that yard work. All of that exercise put my hunger at bay, so I decided to listen to my body and eat when I was hungry. It's amazing how programmed I am to eat at certain timeframes during the day. My mind says "oh look, it's 1:30pm. It's time foe lunch." Sometimes I'm hungry, sometimes I'm no. Sometimes the power of suggestion rules. Maybe, just maybe, if I learn to listen to my inner hunger clock rather than relying on the analog clock, I will become more in touch with what my body really requires. That being said, I do find value in eating dinner before 6pm so that I don't find myself eating later in the evening. I guess it's time to stop watching the clock and start listening to the inner voice that knows what my body needs, and when.


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