Spectrum day 42- breakfast

After a good night's sleep, I decided to make a eggwhite and cheese sandwich on Ecce Pannis bread. ICBINB spray and guava jelly dress this sandwich. On the side, I sautéed a red hot pepper from my little pepper plant. It is very satisfying to eat something that I grew!

Beverage: mocha cafe con leche made with one cup skim milk, espresso, xylitol and Hershey's unsweetened cocoa.

Weigh in: 273 Yesterday was a day full of movement! Clearing the ground, building the vegetable bed, laying the mulch and planting the little plants took over 10 hours of the day yesterday! All of that lifting and shoveling really made for quite a workout! There is more work to be done: two more beds to be made and filled, more ground to be cleared and covered, more weeds to be pulled, and more plants to be planted and transplanted from the current bed into the next bed I make. I wanted to get as many plants into the bed, and out of their little plastic pots, as I could. They need to be spaced out more, so I hope to have at least one more bed made by the end of this weekend.


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