Spectrum day 32- breakfast

The filling for the stuffed peppers last night was so good, I decided to spoon some of the leftover mixture in to the pan and create a egg white baked omelet. Topped with mozzarella cheese and placed under the broiler once the eggs were almost set, made them fluff up like a quiche. After taking it out, the heat dissipated and the omelet took more of its normal shape. Served with homemade cafe con leche, this was a wonderful breakfast for a beautiful Saturday.

Weigh in: 274 I have lived many years around this weight. I think that what my next challenge is to reset this set-point. I need to push past this plateau (of my normal weight) and move into a new weight range so that I can move into a see greater success. I was researching about the body's set-point, and found that our bodies are prone to maintaining our weight at the point where we have remained the most consistent for a long period of time. This being said, I know that it is time to turn the fat-burning engines on so I can progress in my weight loss cycle. I think that if I can push through this barrier, I will begin to see greater success over the next few weeks and months. So it's going to mean more MnM and more closely monitoring my intake (even though at this point, I feel good about my eating). So movement is going to be the fire that burns up the plateau, burns up the feelings of frustration and defeat. Finally, it will burn the path to success. My efforts to begin mindful eating, combined with mindful movement will be the factors that lead me into a new realm of success. Its time to tell the 270's that they are on notice! I am going to burn past you and leave you in the dust. I will be like Lot in the Bible... never look back!


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