Spectrum day 30- breakfast

I found myself waking up later than appropriate for a work day. I took a quick shower and then thought, "Oh no! What about breakfast???" Having healthy choices in the pantry, I grabbed my lunch box, threw in a few items to compose my breakfast with and ran out the door. When I got to work, I opened my lunchbox to see what I had in there to make for breakfast. I found a little packet of wild blueberry granola, a banana, a couple of boxed milks, a mocha via and a greek yogurt. Well, I like to eat something hot and substantial for breakfast. I remembered that I keep emergency oatmeal packets in my desk for times like this. I found a maple & brown sugar packet- better than nothing! I made the oatmeal, poured in the granola and cut the banana up and mixed it all together. It was a great, hearty "emergency" breakfast.
Beverage: mocha via made with 1 cup skim milk

Weigh in: 275 I am very excited about my new MnM program. It's finally time to get my body moving so my weight will start moving down! So far, this has been an exciting time of change. I was thrilled that I could run through the kitchen and rummage through my desk at work and find healthy choices to create a worthy breakfast. That is a good sign that I am not only trying to eat healthy, but that I am pre-planning for success. Proactively stocking the kitchen, purse and desk with healthy options, takes the temptation to grab something quick and fattening and tosses it to the side. Being mindful to not only make good choices now, but plan ahead for future choices provides support for the days ahead. The future is bright... I know because I can see it.


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