Spectrum day 18- lunch

For lunch, I decided to make veggie burgers, baked sweet potatoes and a maple & brown sugar fry dip.
Veggie Burger ingredients:
Caramelized onions, apples, fresh beets sautéed in EVOO pan spray. Once cooked thoroughly, I poured in some red wine until it cooked down, infusing the taste if the wine into the veggies. While they were cooking, in a separate bowl, I mashed kidney beans and mixed with firm tofu. I folded the cooked veggies into the mix. Then I sautéed fresh baby spinach leaves and green onions just until they wilted and added them to the bowl. I included garlic & cayenne powder and liquid smoke for added flavor. I poured in some egg whites as a binder and added rolled oats and homemade whole wheat toasted bread crumbs. I added them until I could form a good patty. I grilled them over an open flame until brown and crisp. While they cooked i sprayed BLA to give them an added flavor and moisture. They retained their interior moisture which created an excellent burger. I served the burgers on Seeduction bread from Whole foods. I sprayed ICBINB spray and garlic powder and toasted the bread.

Sweet potato fries:
Sweet potato wedges
EVOO pan spray
Cooked at 450 until crispy

Maple & brown sugar:
mixed together and heated to make a great tasting, sweet dip for the fries.

Beverage: S.Pelligrino meets Missoni sparkling mineral water over ice.


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