Spectrum day 21- dessert

Put it this way... I have a thing for chocolate. After tonight's dinner, I had that "I wish I had dessert" feeling. So I found some Hershey's Dips in the pantry that I bought a while back ago for such a time as this. Some time you just NEED real chocolate and this was it! Even though the serving size 15 drops, I was thinking about how to have less without wanting more (you know what I mean??). So, I decided to go for the full serving size of 15 luxurious pieces and it was well worth it. I savored each drop, letting them melt in my mouth. It took about an hour to eat them all. I savored them slowly rather than chomping down the quarter-sized chocolate yummies. I turned 15 pieces of chocolate into a lovely dessert that was incredibly satisfying. Living the good life!


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