Spectrum day 22- lunch

Wow... I just made the most wonderfully spicy oriental stir-fry with some of my newly purchased ingredients. I sautéed bok choy, bamboo shavings, two types of peppers, 1 green onion, and a little bit of whole wheat pasta (from last night's dinner) & freshly ground ginger in a small pan sprayed with olive oil pan spray. I drizzled in some toasted sesame oil and BLA spray. I added a jalapeño salsa type sauce (zero calories and zero fat & only 15mg sodium in 2 tablespoons). I added a little water once the vegetables started to wilt and let it simmer. I threw on some instant brown rice. I also took some dry wasabi powder and made a intensely spicy paste to go on the side. It took me a total of about 7 minutes to make this healthy, delicious lunch which is just a few minutes longer than if I would have popped a frozen dinner in the microwave. Fresh, whole foods cooked for good living. With all of this, who needs meat???


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