Spectrum day 23- pre-lunch exercise

So, I got this great idea. I have a Lifetime high quality elliptical tucked away behind a room divider in the living room (I'm not sure how tucked away it is really, since it is humongous). But anyway, back to the idea. I thought it would be a good idea to integrate it into my daily routine. I don't want it to be a regimen, more of an enjoyable experience. I decided that I will hop on it whenever I get the urge and elliptical myself through one song from the radio. My favorite rock station play 52 minutes of uninterrupted rock songs with only about 8 minutes of commercials so the chance of me getting on when a song is on is highly favorable (or so I thought). I came home and pulled the elliptical over, set my iPhone to the station, set the 30 minute countdown meter on, and started to exercise. As it turns out, a song was just ending so I thought, "Cool, a new song will come on and I will be through this in a few minutes! Painless." after the song's last notes sailed through the speakers, commercials filled the airwaves. Great. I was determined to not back down, so I waited through all of the ads and station identification stuff and a song started. It was one of my favorite bands- Metallica! Oh wait. It is also one of the longest songs that they play on the radio. The song is called "One." The song is 7 minutes and 52 seconds of head-banging revelry. I started laughing as soon as I heard the first few notes on the guitar being played. So, adding all that time up, my 3-4 minutes turned into 15!! Wow. Funny how things work, isn't it? Oh well. It was not difficult to complete the task and because I am not forcing myself to get on at prescribed times and certain lengths, the prospect of exercising in manageable chunks of the day doesn't seem so daunting.


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