Spectrum day 26- breakfast

Egg whites, grits, a fresh plum and half of my homemade pumpkin cheesecake mini-bunt. Let's talk about the pumpkin thing here for a second. I decided after having this muffin that the taste is good, but the consistency came out like a cakey, dense pumpkin pie on the inside (meaning that when cut, it looks flat not flaky). Visually, not so appealing. Taste-wise, I have had better and worse healthy muffins. I will say, however, that the chocolate chip pumpkin cookies made with the same exact batter were excellent! I am not afraid to try those again. Moving on...

Beverage: cafe con leche made with espresso, skim milk and xylitol

Weigh in: 274 another pound lost! That makes 38 pound since July and 18 since Spectrum Day 1.
I have to say that I am thrilled with the results and I am happy with the taste factor. I have found that I don't have to sacrifice great, fresh taste to lose weight and move down the path to healthy living. I am also ecstatic that I made my blog a public journey for my friends and family to read. At first, I was afraid and embarrassed for anyone to see what I weigh or where I have come from. I decided though, that I am not the only person who is going through this same process. There are others who struggle with their weight, whether it be genetics, food addictions or eating disorders. Why keep a wonderful, life-changing experience to myself? Readers, I hope that through my journey you find hope and inspiration. Share with me the joy of successful weight loss and healthy living. Share with me the ups, downs and plateaus as the weight loss cycle meanders along. Share with me the journey, as I find a whole new "me" and a new way of living, eating, and moving, not only for myself, but for you. Readers rejoice! For today, is a new day in the path of good health! Come with me...


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