Spectrum day 26- dinner

It's Sunday night dinner time with friends and family. Since I make the main meal, I usually plan on something big I can make that omnivores would appreciate. For the group, I made a pasta, meat sauce, mozzarella cheese baked casserole. For me, I used my own no f/s low calorie tomato sauce, whole wheat pasta and shredded mozzarella cheese (yes, the real thing- why mess up a good thing??) I made a little casserole in the oven next to the big one for the group. I checked them ever 15 minutes to make sure the cheese was melting and the didn't burn. Well, since mine was little, I should have checked a little earlier that last time. Mine was a little toasty, but thankfully, still tasty. I sprinkled some goat cheese crumbles on top instead of Parmesan cheese. A tossed salad on the side (which I ended up eating without the dressing) and a Chicago hard roll, sliced and sprayed with ICBINB spray.
Beverage: my new iced tea creation- lovely.


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