Spectrum day 12- breakfast

1 cup dry Steel cut oats made with 1 1/2 cups skim 1 1/2 cups water make 3 nice-sized, creamy, nutty servings. Cut up bananas an strawberries, freshly cut & mixed in, add a perfectly, light sweetness. To top off the oats, a light dusting of pumpkin pie spice powder. Half a sliced kiwi on the side. Beverage: mocha via made with 1 cup skim milk. Weigh-in: 279 again I feel good that I was able to make it through breakfast out & a strawberry milkshake with out gaining a pound! My continued success will be wrought by a balanced mind, emotions and healthy choices. I will stay focused on the goal: healthy living, more energy and solid, life-giving relationships.


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