Spectrum- My online, pictorial diet journal.

So I have decided to follow the Spectrum Diet put out by Dean Ornish. I am excited because it has all the attributes that I want to include in my eating plan. It is all about eating on the healthful side of the spectrum of things that can be selected from. It almost seems common sense, but it is something that needs to be defined and confirmed. When my friend, who had suffered from a heart attack, was told that there was no more medicine that could be prescribed, the Dean Ornish Spectrum diet was suggested. He has lost 92 lbs since September and I am thrilled to see that he not only looks great (although a little weird, cause I've never seen him this thin) but all of his blood test results are excellent! The doctor was able to remove him from a lot of his medicine. I am so proud of him.

So here is my challenge to myself: I will choose foods from the healthful side of the spectrum as much as possible. I am going to completely cut out meat- I am ready for this.....I think.....No, I am ready... The blog is called Vegetarian Reincarnation, and that is what I am doing... creating a new me. I will be using this blog as my accountability partner, because quite frankly, it is hard to find a real person who will really stick with you or ask you how you are doing. Some people don't want to change their diet right now, or ever. Some will try to even mess your efforts up...go figure... So each meal, i will upload a picture of whatever I am having with a short message. I will also post my weight with the morning breakfast post.

I'm doing this for me, not for you. You can do it with me, or without me, but either way, I am doing it. I have to. Enough is enough. I have been fat and unhealthy for long enough and the time has come to make a difference. I will be making a move to involve more exercize, decrease fat intake, low sodium and lots of water. So wish me luck, join me or just laugh from a far. But no matter what, this is my time...my moment to shine, my time of change! It's time for a Vegetarian Reincarnation!


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