Spectrum day 9- breakfast

I am starting my busy day of student teaching, followed by my real job, until 9pm tonight. I chose oatmeal for breakfast, made with skim milk, dry apples and a dusting of cinnamon. The apples and cinnamon bring a sweetness, and interest, to this hot cereal. Beverage: water and a single shot of espresso- black. Today's weight: 279!! I am out of the 280's for the first time in a really long time. Two pounds since yesterday's weigh-in which makes a 33 lb loss since my highest weigh-in of 312 back in August of 2010, right after my father passed away. 13lbs in 9 days!!! Wow!! Finally turning the focus to my health and wellbeing is making a huge difference. I am excited for the days to come...


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