Spectrum - day 3 breakfast

This morning I decided to make an egg-white scramble with fresh baby spinach leaves topped with "Hell on the Red" spicy salsa. I used butter flavored cooking spray to wilt the spinach and added the egg whites. A few quick stirs and they are ready. While I was preparing the omelet, I was toasting a slice of whole wheat toast that was fresh-baked by the health food market. For flavor, I topped the toast with "I can't believe it's not butter" spray. Finally, I know I must be doing this spectrum thing hardcore because that is 8 ounces of straight espresso- no sweetness at all. Changes beget changes. I am ready to change, learn and grow healthier each day. Today's weight: 286 down another pound for a total of 6 since Monday morning. Incentive to continue? I say yes.


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