Spectrum day 7- dinner

Today, I had a group of friends over for our weekly Sunday dinner. I cooked taco meat made from real beef for them, but for me, I made a healthy alternative. I used spicy tofu crumbles, red inca quinoa, tomato paste (no salt added), chili & garlic powder. Then in Thursday, I soaked and made pinto beans in the crockpot with various spices to create my own refried beans. Just before dinner, I put them in the food processor and chopped them ever so slightly to bring them to a chunky refried bean texture with sprinkled cheese for garnish. I had about a half cup of each "hell on the red salsa", lettuce, tomato, fresh cilantro and 6 warm corn tortillas. Beverage: polar seltzer- with lemon. It was a great alternative. I didn't miss the meat. I am very satisfied, yet don't feel that heaviness that I usually do with the ground beef. I'm happy with my creation and my day today. PS: I skipped the cup cakes with white chocolate frosting...props to me!


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