Spectrum day 14- lunch

I decided to whip up a high-power protein shake to get me through a day of boring homework. The shake, similar to the ones I have made in the past include the following:

-1 frozen banana
-3 frozen strawberries
-1 tbls Hershey's unsweetend cocoa
-A dash of cinnamon
-1/2 scoop of LifeTime's Life Basics plant protien powder ( pea, hemp, rice & chia seeds)
-1 scoop garden of Life's Perfect Food raw
-1 small container of Oikos organic, chocolate Greek yogurt
- enough skim milk to get the desired shake consistency.

This shake is a low fat, protien & vitamin packed glass of goodness. A great lunch in a cold glass goes a long way....and having a chocolate doesn't hurt....Cheers!


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