Spectrum day 14- breakfast

I woke up wanting real breakfast. I didn't want spinach or any other veggie complicating my egg whites. So, yesterday, I made a batch of yellow corn grits that I was looking to incorporate into my breakfast today. I heated up one level cup of the grits (no f/s) and toasted a slice of whole wheat bread. I have been having a hankering for jelly, but since I am not willing to take in the extra sugar or fake sweeteners, I decided to whip up my own no f/s version. Two strawberries as a tasty garnish. Beverage: mocha via made with one cup skim milk. Weigh in: 278 I passed up the 279 barrier that I have been wrestling with for the past few days and moved on down to 278! Since last Monday, I have lost 14 lbs for a total of 34 since July. I am looking forward to getting out of the 270's but am really setting my sites on an overall weight loss of 40. Hopefully, I can realize this small goal over the next few days.


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