Spectrum day 8- evening tea

As it turns out, this afternoon was a busy one. No time for dinner and actually, I am not even hungry and it's 11:20ish at night. I was at an art event and drama practice and I didn't even think about dinner. Weird... Oh well... I have a lot of things going on in my life right now: work, school, arranging freelance video work (new development), drama practices, keeping up with my art, laundry, house stuff and...oh yeah, and trying to eat healthy and keep you updated on my status. I decided to make myself a cup of hot chamomile tea (3 bags- I like stong tea), a drizzle of skim milk and a measured teaspoon of honey. It will be a comforting, relaxing tea to have before, what will hopefully be, a restful sleep. Tomorrow is a new, healthy day!!


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