Spectrum day 14- dinner

My friend and I were going to see a broadway show, so of course it's essential that dinner is included in the evening's fun. My friend told me to pick the restaurant since I'm not eating meat (she totally understands where I'm coming from, because her husband is the friend that lost 100 lbs on this same plan) I told her we could go anywhere. She mentioned square 1 burger. I looked them up on my phone and saw that the have veggie burgers on the menu! Sweet! I ordered the "very vegan veggie burger" on a whole wheat bun, sweet potato fries and a side of barbecue sauce. It was very good, even though I am sure that the fries had more salt than I would eat in a week! Beverage: club soda with a twist of lemon & lime. A great dinner, a great friend and a great show. What could be better? Now that's healthy living at it's finest...


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