Spectrum Day 4-lunch

I went to the local outdoor eatery and bar near my house. I asked them if they had any vegetarian selections on the menu. The grilled cheese was really the only option other than hummus. There was a veggie burger on the menu, but the cook had surgery on his hand because he sliced it with the meat cutter...(too much information when you are trying to order lunch - but another good reason to go vegetarian I guess) anyway... This sandwich was on rye bread. It had Gouda, pear and caramelized onions. I was wonderful. I'm guessing it probably had a lot of fat and a generous amount of sodium, but it was a great lunch with that little salad with walnuts and sliced grapes. It was the most healthful selection, and it was excellent! So between breakfast and lunch, I think I am done for the day as far as eating goes. Lunch was filling and very satisfying. I'm going to leave well enough alone and look forward to tomorrow's healthy selections.


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