Spectrum day 13- breakfast

One level cup of leftover Mexican cheese grits, including whole corn kernels and chopped (made by my friend for last night's dinner), egg whites and one slice of whole wheat toast with no f/c/s butter spray. Beverage: mocha via made with half a cup skim & half water. Weight today: 280. This weekend was a challenge, but I feel pretty good about my choices. I am looking forward to this week to be another week of weight loss. I am going to be super mindful of my intake and cut any unnecessary calories. I want to see a change and move off this plateau. The benefit is that, plateau or not, I am making healthier choices which benefit me as a whole. Not a diet for a short time, but a retraining of my tastes, desires and likes. I am totally upsetting the apple cart of my normally, complacent and sedentary life and working on fashioning a new normal that will bring healthy, happy living for years to come.


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